Due to the COVID-19 virus we have to close temporarily.

If you need immediate assistance, please contact us at 844-339-1726 and we will do all we can to assist you via telephone.

About Us

Hilton Head Hearing Services has been in business since 2013. We have provided exceptional Audiology services in Hilton Head and surrounding areas. Our clinic provides state-of-the-art hearing aids and assistive listening devices, including digital, open fit, receiver-in-the-ear and invisible in the canal. As your complete source for complete hearing aid sales we combine the latest technology with a caring, professional approach.

Why Choose Us:

  • We have state of the art equipment and the latest technology for evaluating your hearing abilities.
  • We set the benchmark for practices around the country in both patient care and patient satisfaction.
  • WE love what we do! We have a passion for servicing people and helping patients improve their quality of life.
  • We love to spoil our patients! We do so by exceeding all expectations.
  • We are committed to total patient satisfaction and we will settle for nothing less.
  • A visit to our office will be a unique experience, unlike any you’ve ever encountered before
  • You will receive the most comprehensive testing, allowing us to understand your unique level of hearing loss.
  • Our full time staff offers proven ability, experience, and total commitment to helping you hear.

Our Services Include:

  • Hearing assessments, by our highly qualified specialists.
  • Hearing aid evaluation and recommendations
  • Hearing instrument programming and speech enhancement tuning
  • Amplified telephones and assistive listening devices
  • Hearing aid rejuvenation, restoration, and repair

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