Hearing Services

Hearing Testing

Hearing tests should be done once a year for all individuals, but yet few do so.

At Hilton Head Hearing, we are proud to offer free hearing tests to all. Come by and see if we can find a hearing loss solution that meets your lifestyle needs. The good news? All you need to get started is to submit your information on our contact page or call the nearest location to request an appointment at your convenience.

Hearing Loss Treatment

We understand that hearing loss affects your daily life. Not only for you but your friends and family as well. Many don’t realize they could greatly improve their quality of life by beginning a hearing loss treatment. At Hilton Head Hearing, we give you the opportunity to start your treatment as soon as your hearing loss begins, to ensure minimum damage.

Hearing Aids

Today, hearing aid technology offers the latest digital and programmable instruments that give you not only an accurate fitting but clear, clean sound quality. The focus is centered around providing the user with the best listening experience possible. How is this done? By compressing background noise, and enhancing speech clarity.

The latest hearing aid technology can also stream music, phone calls and TV audio straight to your hearing aids devices.

Also, there are plenty of sizes, styles and colors for you to choose from. This means you can wear a hearing aid that’s comfortable to you–no matter your age. These devices can either fit in-the-ear or on-the-ear, depending on hearing loss needs and style preferences.


Do you have consistent ringing in your ears? You may have a medical condition called tinnitus. This is a condition that affects millions of Americans every year. It can be mild or very extreme. No matter how debilitating, we aim to provide tinnitus relief to anyone experiencing this condition through consultation and technology recommendations.