Upon arriving in Hilton Head in early 2000, my gradual hearing loss had gotten to the point that I was unable to carry on meaningful conversations in social settings. I was looking for an audiologist and made an appointment with Hilton Head Hearing. This was my first to Hilton Head Hearing  and in the course of the examination, it was suggested that I should consider hearing aids. The provider at Hilton Head Hearing impressed me as the focus of his dialogue was to give me the information so I could make the final decision. I made that call and was fitted with hearing aids that met my needs. To borrow a consumer phrase, the most important thing in purchasing an item is the continuing service.Hilton Head Hearing has worked diligently with me to get the proper settings of my hearing aids.

I have been very pleased with my relationship and have since upgraded through two generations of Widex hearing aids. I continue to visitHilton Head Hearing from time to time for adjustments and find him always available and easy to communicate with. He is always available to work with me as a my hearing situation changes. As a result of my successful relations withHilton Head Hearing, I have recommended this location and its services to several people, two of which I know have become satisfied clients ofHilton Head Hearing. My overall experience with Hilton Head Hearing has been excellent, and I will continue to work with them in the future.