Michale Rogers

In 2001 I was experiencing a great deal of hearing loss to my left ear. This was primarily the results of several surgical procedures to correct a mastoid problem. I was referred to Dr. Mike by my ENT physician. He now has been my hearing aid specialist for sixteen years.

My problem included a unique problem that required a unique solution to make the aid work. He came up with an earpiece that solved the problem and changed my life. Over the years we added a second aid to my right ear and tried various approaches to solving the left ear problem. Today I am very satisfied and know Dr. Mike is there when I need him.

Dr. Mike has always helped me get the most out of my aids and has taught me the right way to take care of these valuable aids. He does not try to sell me things I don’t need but helps me get the most out of what I have.I have recommended Dr. Mike to many friends over the years and I have heard no complaints. He will be my Dr. for as long as he is available.

Dr. Mike is an outstanding person who gives freely of his time to help others. His trips to China to work with the children is just one example. I am sure you will be pleased with Dr. Mike.